Tasman Glacier – My first trip to Tasman Saddle

In September 2019 Leif and I had booked a week off work. We had this time locked in nearly 6 months in advance and were amazingly lucky to find this window lined up perfectly with the best 4 days of weather of the season.

We decided to head into the Tasman Glacier and stay at Tasman Saddle Hut.

Gear first Tas ski trip
Some of the ‘Hardwear’ used on the trip.
Loading ski plane tas first trip
Loading the small ski plane
Malte Brun?
Malt Brun from the ski plane.
Mt Hamilton on right
Looking up the Darwin, Hamilton on the right.
Landed. Near Tasman Saddle.
Elie De Beaumont from Hochstetter
On top of Hochstetter Dome (Elie De Beaumont behind).
Looking at Cook
The views! (top of Darwin Bowls looking at Mt Cook).
Views of Eli (right) and Mt Green (left).
Looking into the Murchison.
The Murchison.
Tasman Saddle Hut – looking towards Elie
Skiing through the seracs.
On top of Hochstetter Dome (Elie De Beaumont behind).
On top of Hochstetter Dome.
Dress shirts at Darwin Cnr
Ready for out heli pick-up Darwin Corner.
Toilet Views
Tas Saddle Toilet Views.
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