Mt Earnslaw and O’Leary Peak- Trailpinism

A blast up Mt Earnslaw with Tom Spencer 14th February 2020.

Above inversion Earnslaw
Breaching the inversion layer above Kea Basin.
on the Birley
Onto the snow slopes that make up the nearly non-existent Birley Glacier.
Looking to Sir William Grant
On top of Earnslaws East Peak.
Looking to West Peak
Earnslaw West Peak (from East Peak)
pano top Earnslaw
A panorama from the summit of East Peak.
Stoked on Summit Earnie
Tom on top!


Mt Aspiring in a day

On the 1st of March 2020 Rose Pearson, Alastair McDowell and I set out to climb Mt Aspiring in a single day, “trailpinism” style (super light and fast, running and “power hiking”).

An epic day in the mountains that took us 11hrs and 50min car to car from Raspberry Flat… possibly the fastest known time for this mountain.